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We have lived in Ch!na since 2000, with a few short stints in the States every now and then. We've spent time learning languages, helping others to learn languages, and worked to help those in poverty have better lives. In all of this we hope the love of Chr!st shines brighter.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First Day on the Aza route

This is my first attempt at doing an Aza route in town. I talked with 3 people today. This old lady has six daughters and a son. Finally the language is coming. I've always assumed that an Aza route just wouldn't work in town. But now I'm more determined than ever to make the route work and get this language down.

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  1. Hey brother!! I'll keep you in PR as you do your route! How are you guys doing? We're planning a trip to see you sometime--maybe next summer. I sure miss you guys and look forward to keeping up with you on this blog. How is Steven doing? grace and peace!

    wade <><