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We have lived in Ch!na since 2000, with a few short stints in the States every now and then. We've spent time learning languages, helping others to learn languages, and worked to help those in poverty have better lives. In all of this we hope the love of Chr!st shines brighter.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Red Light Road Rage

So the other day our taxi is sitting at the stop light waiting to turn left and maybe slightly over in the oncoming lane. The oncoming traffic pulls past us and one guy yells out his window at our taxi driver. Our taxi driver yelled something back. The next thing we know the guy that had had yelled at our taxi driver was out of his car and standing at the taxi's driver side window. The window was down and he proceeded to swing at the driver through the window. All in one motion the taxi driver opened the car door, grabbed a metal pipe strategically placed beside his leg for occasions such as this, and took a step out of the car with his arm raised ready to return a blow. The other guy responded with slamming the car door on our driver. The fight continued while Mel and the kids watched all from the back seat. Finally someone else stops there car and begins to pull the other driver away as Im yelling to get his attention that Im calling the police. He finally left. We pulled away when our light turned green with our taxi driver spitting blood and the kids very shaken up. This was another pretty normal day in China.

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  1. woah, i didn't realize that had been in your taxi. i thought you had just seen it happen with other people. intense.