Come and follow our lives as we follow Chr!st

We have lived in Ch!na since 2000, with a few short stints in the States every now and then. We've spent time learning languages, helping others to learn languages, and worked to help those in poverty have better lives. In all of this we hope the love of Chr!st shines brighter.

Friday, October 12, 2012


Jeremiah doesn't come right out and say that he loves school.  But he loves school.  The Sonlight curriculum is great.  Today we learned about and prayed for 3 different people groups.  And he begs to have someone read the different stories to him, even dropping the ipad in the middle of a game if it means reading school books.  Love the bonding time with him even if its tiring to read so much.  This is one perk of doing what we do and living where we live. (Picture of Jeremiah a few weeks ago.)

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  1. So I had NO clue ya'll had a blog! I seriously just got on FB to message you, which I'm still gonna do but I saw that you had posted this link and I got super excited!
    So glad the kid likes's a BLESSING!