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We have lived in Ch!na since 2000, with a few short stints in the States every now and then. We've spent time learning languages, helping others to learn languages, and worked to help those in poverty have better lives. In all of this we hope the love of Chr!st shines brighter.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The China dilemma....our son busted his chin open and after experiencing Chinese hospitals every expat knows to try everything possible to keep from having to go.... so we tried bandaids- FAIL.
We tried duct tape - FAIL. next option.... no medical glue available - we tried super glue and duct tape.....

......looks pretty good......
...... an hour later.....   his chin is gaping open again.  We ended up going to the hospital at 12:00 at night and had the best experience thus far in a Chinese hospital.  He ended the night with 5 stitches in the chin and 3 shots in the rear end for tetanus.

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  1. oh no! so sorry!!! hope he feels better soon!